Off-grid hydrogen energy multi-functional cabin

Off-grid hydrogen energy multi-functional cabin

Application Scenario: Achievement demonstration, science popularization teaching

Customer Type: Schools, Government, NGO

Product Advantage: Low carbon and environmental protection, economic and efficient

Delivery cycle: Contact us

The Hydrogen Multi-functional Capsule integrates a number of leading hydrogen energy technologies and products. The currently built building consists of a pure white container module with a built-in hydrogen fuel cell and a white inflatable membrane structure space covered with blue and white ocean balls at the bottom, and the whole building is powered by an external hydrogen collection compartment. Based on this experimental prototype, the research team will further experiment with a new energy fuel cell heat recovery device, and iteratively further enhance the energy efficiency of the hydrogen energy building through combined heat and power supply.

This model is easy to transport, and can be exported globally for emergency cultural and tourism exhibition scenarios, and can even be used as an experimental research prototype for construction on the moonor Mars.

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