Huo-Yan Air Laboratory (Ward Edition)

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory (Ward Edition)

Application scenario: Emergency medical treatment, post-disaster reconstruction, isolation treatment

Product advantages: Easy transportation, repeated use, fast construction, intelligent pressure regulation, modular construction

Customer type: Biomedical enterprises, government, NGOs, hospitals

Supply cycle: 12~15 days

In order to cope with the peak of Omicron outbreak, a large number of ward expansion will cause a waste of medical resources; and after the outbreak, there will be a large number of medical resources crowding phenomenon. Huo-Yan Air Laboratory (Ward Edition) can be quickly set up and recycled in different areas, as it requires less space, can be set up anywhere and anytime, and reduces time and economic costs.

The clean area is for staff hygiene, dressing and office; the contaminated area is for patient isolation; both sides of the isolation area are also equipped with patient showers, washing and toilets to provide better hygiene conditions for patients; daily medical waste is transported out through both sides of the ward outside the contaminated area.

As a complementary solution to the hospital, Huo-Yan Air Laboratory (Ward Edition) only needs a basketball court or soccer field nearby to build an air-film ward without destroying the foundation; it is usually used as an emergency stockpile, and is transferred out for use during the peak of an epidemic outbreak to meet the requirements of the combination of the epidemic.

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