​Huo-Yan Air Laboratory(Vehicle Edition)

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory(Vehicle Edition)

Application scenarios: nucleic acid testing, medical checkups, local screening

Product advantages: fast response, ready to go, easy installation, intelligent pressure regulation

Customer type: biomedical companies, government, NGOs, hospitals

Delivery cycle: 10 days

With the strengthening of epidemic prevention and control, the timeliness of laboratory construction has also put forward higher requirements. We combined the laboratory with a large truck and developed Huo-Yan Air Laboratory(Vehicle Edition). It has the characteristics of high prefabrication, timely response to nucleic acid testing needs, rapid movement and rapid commissioning. Compared with traditional construction laboratories, it has obvious advantages in terms of cost and construction cycle.

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory(Vehicle Edition) can meet the needs of local epidemic prevention and control of nucleic acid testing on a regular basis.

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory(Vehicle Edition) prefabricates equipment in the pod, and the pod is placed on the body of the vehicle, which can be driven to the demanded place as soon as the demand is received to conduct local screening. Compared with the ordinary container laboratory, its space can be expanded to 1.5 times the size of the intelligent cabin pressure control system to achieve positive and negative pressure conversion of each functional area in the room. The use of light interaction technology to achieve the operation of staff contactless door opening and switching equipment. It has been applied in Harbin, Guangzhou and Saudi Arabia. After the epidemic, it can be used as a laboratory for detecting other infectious viruses.

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