E-CUBE Sampling Station

E-CUBE Sampling Station

Application Scenarios: Nucleic acid testing, emergency medicine, community services, urban renewal

Customer type: biomedical enterprises, government, NGO

Product advantages: novel appearance, convenient transportation, fast build

Supply cycle: Contact us for details

In the post-epidemic era, nucleic acid testing has become the main means of normalized prevention and control, and the demand for convenient and mobile nucleic acid sampling points has increased greatly. Large cities are gradually establishing 15-minute walking nucleic acid "sampling circles" to broaden the scope and channels of surveillance and achieve normalized management of nucleic acid sampling.

E-CUBE sampling station is a sampling service product that combines function and aesthetics, developed by Shanghai Etopia and Tongji University.

E-CUBE Anti-epidemic Sampling Station has standard unit series and corner unit series, with a variety of sizes to choose from, which can be adapted to a variety of application scenarios. The aluminum facade enhances the design and makes the epidemic prevention sampling station more suitable for urban environment. LED screen is optional on the external wall, making the sampling station more technological. The sampling station can be embedded with a smart medical system, which can be used as a convenient mobile health station to provide urban convenience services such as self-measurement of health status, buying medicine and sharing supplies.

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