Heart-shaped Air Membrane

Heart-shaped Air Membrane

Application Scenario: outdoor exhibition, art space

Client type: camps, government, art organizations

Product Advantage: beautiful shape, green and low carbon, fast construction.

Delivery cycle:Contact us for details

The heart-shaped air film device is generated from the Ai graphic shape prototype, after the designer carefully polished, and finally formed

the eye-catching red heart-shaped air film design.

The design was highly appreciated by the community as the main venue of NICECAMPING.

The design of the heart-shaped air film installation was inspired by Wang Xiaohui's sculpture "Art Kiss", which is the first time that the world's

top silverware luxury brand Christofle joins hands with a Chinese artist.

Art Kiss" is one of Wang Xiaohui's sculpture series "Fruit of Life", symbolizing passionate kissing lips with the abstract form of two flat peaches.

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