Canopy (Butterfly)

Canopy (Butterfly)

Application scenario:Outdoor camping

Customer type: individuals, car enterprises, campsites, shopping malls, government

Product advantages: green low-carbon, fast build, adapt to a variety of trams

Supply cycle: contact details

Shanghai Etopia continues the design methodology of the Red Dot Award of Huo-Yan Air Laboratory, continues to promote the innovation of off-grid light construction camping social scene, relying on Tongji design ecology to develop the Dream Butterfly model canopy. Optional flexible membrane solar panels are available at the top. Integrating into the natural ecology and embracing outdoor life is the right way to actively fight against epidemics in physiology and psychology.

"Butterfly"is taken from the allusion of "Zhuang Zhou dreaming of butterfly", which means close to and love nature. The size of the dream butterfly canopy is: 240*360cm.

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