Huo-Yan Air Laboratory

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory

Application Scenarios: Emergency medical care, nucleic acid testing, early disease screening, mass screening

Customer Type: Biomedical enterprises, government, NGOs, hospitals

Product Advantages: Easy to transport, repeated use, highly integrated, fast to build, intelligent pressure regulation

Supply Cycle: 12~15 days

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory is a kind of mobile inflatable P2 biosafety laboratory with fast mass production, easy installation and air transportation. It has applied for a number of relevant patents and issued a number of standards, and won 12 international awards, including the Red Dot Award "Best Design Award", the iF Award, the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award - First Prize for Innovation Achievement in Industry-University-Research Cooperation and the China DesignSmart Award.

Huo-Yan Air Laboratory uses air film structure to create a modular negative pressure nucleic acid testing laboratory, combined with a fresh air system to achieve positive and negative pressure conversion, with intelligent equipment, with the advantages of low cost, low energy consumption, intelligent, fast mass production, air transportable, fast installation, and storage. The laboratory can be built in just a few days as a nucleic acid testing laboratory of 10,000 throughput scale, contributing millions of cases of new crown testing for the prevention and control of outbreaks around the world, and the accurate and efficient exclusion has relieved the social crisis to the maximum extent.

Now more than 30 have been launched in 11 countries around the world, and have been reported by well-known domestic and international media for many times, and their photos have been selected as the best scientific pictures in the international top journal Nature in June 2020. With an engineering paradigm, it has been built in bulk around the world and efficiently helped in the prevention and control of epidemics in various countries.

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