Spray Building Additive Manufacturing

Spray Building Additive Manufacturing

Application Scenario: Building Construction, Green Building

Customer type: government, engineering companies

Product Advantage: labour saving, high safety, low error rate

Delivery cycle: Contact us

The pneumatic membrane robotic arm spray building intelligent construction system is an intelligent construction method using a robotic arm to spray fast-setting polymer building materials (polyurethane) or fibre-added concrete on the inner or outer surface of the inflatable membrane. Based on the operation logic of the robotic arm equipment and the performance of the sprayed materials, we explore the intelligent construction method that integrates multiple construction technologies including parametric design, 3D structure modelling software, force analysis software, etc. and multiple design software. Based on practical operation experiments, study the standardisation of construction processes and material properties to help realise the possibility of robotic arm spraying large-scale products and building customisation.

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