Parametric Building Design

Parametric Building Design

Application Scenario: Intelligent Construction, Green Building, Prefabricated Building

Customer type: government, engineering company, NGO, etc.

Product Advantage: Customizable, Low error rate, Intelligent and smart

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Parametric building design consists of several parts:

1. Environment-driven building form generation.   

2. Through the preliminary extraction of the site boundaries and thus get the form generation of packing box housing collection, get the specific building form and its packing box arrangement, through the program access and its parametric control, and then meet the user for the reasonable division of residential property rights unit. After the above process, the customer's choice of housing ownership units for the packing boxes is formed, and the outline of the housing ownership units is formed in the program, which is used as the input data for the program of internal functional division of housing. In this process, according to the functional topology of the housing unit for the functional layout of the room, the property rights unit of each of the packing boxes were given different functional attributes, in the packing boxes of furniture layout and equipment piping layout level with its one-to-one correspondence, and the corresponding information will be entered into the subsequent program, and thus improve the customer's packing boxes of housing property rights unit division program, the formation of a new type of housing property rights unit division method is full of randomness and a high degree of flexibility, the formation of a new type of housing property rights unit division program. A new type of housing property rights unit division method with high randomness and flexibility.

3. Through the slider to divide the plane, for different user groups on the degree of preference for the specified household type plane, the slider to divide, a total of three possibilities of mechanisms for the plane of user-oriented choice generation.

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