Robotic arm intelligent spraying construction

Robotic arm intelligent spraying construction

Application Scenario: Building Construction, Green Building

Customer Type: Government, Engineering Company

Product Advantage: Labor saving, high safety, low error rate

Delivery cycle: contact details

Intelligent Spray Build with Robotic Arm investigated the possibility of user-customized building shapes through parametric design.

The influence of building material properties such as polyurethane density, material composition and setting time on spray construction

was studied.

The shape of the air film was determined by a handheld 3D scanner and the thickness of the structure was calculated in real time.

Variable cross-section of the same material was determined using 3D structural software, and the accuracy guarantee of the robotic arm construction

method was investigated.

Finally, the technical possibilities of mass customization of products and buildings were realized through the integration of multiple

construction technologies.

Temporary air-film buildings can be turned into stationary buildings in the future by spray building.

With mulching and planting of vegetation, the surface of the building can support the weight of people.

Therefore, in the future, it can be used as a low-precision and rapid building system for disaster relief and refugees,

and can also be transformed into a buildinproduct for cultural tourism, lodging and social activities.

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