Intelligent Modular Plant Cabin

Intelligent Modular Plant Cabin

Application Scenario:Smart agriculture, science teaching

Customer type: schools, government

Product advantages: low carbon, high ornamental, educational, economic and efficient

Delivery cycle: contact details

Intelligent modular plant cabin is an efficient agricultural system that realizes continuous annual crop production through high-precision environmental control in the facility. It is a labor-saving production method that uses intelligent computers and electronic sensing systems to automatically control environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration and nutrient solution for plant growth, so that the growth and development of plants in the facility are not or rarely constrained by natural conditions.

Plant pods include cultivation systems, air conditioning systems, intelligent control systems and container bodies, etc., using artificial intelligence technology to solve the problem of growing vegetables in special environments. More than 1,000 lettuce seedlings can be placed on multi-layered planting racks covering 15 square meters in each plant pod, and the plant nutrient solution is circulated in the pipes. It only takes about half a month for a small lettuce seedling to mature, making this production-based intelligent cultivation system more efficient than the nearly one-month growth and maturation period in a natural environment.

The intelligent modular plant pods have been installed and set up in China Flower Expo and Beijing 101 Middle School, and the plants inside are growing happily. Now we are also developing a miniaturized smart planting cabinet for home use.

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