Huo-Yan Air Cleanroom

Huo-Yan Air Cleanroom

Application scenario:Pharmaceutical industry

Product advantages: high cleanliness, intelligent pressure regulation, modular construction

Customer type: biopharmaceutical enterprises, foreign trade enterprises

Delivery period: Contact us for details

The pressure difference between the outside and inside of the fire-eye clean plant is achieved by two-way exchange of new air blowers, and the indoor pressure is positive to ensure the cleanliness of indoor air, which can be used as a 100,000-class clean room. The light strip is laid between the top of the plant perimeter and the air column to assist in lighting and both aesthetic effects, and the number of indoor light strips is reduced to make the room easier to clean.

It is suitable for the production of small-cycle products and cleanliness requirements of the plant, can also be applied to sudden public health events, the urgent need for large-scale plant, can quickly transform the old plant, rapid response. For example, for some acute and independent detection reagents are not enough, clean room construction is not perfect in the country or region, especially in developing countries, can quickly produce detection agents, so as to quickly carry out the production of biosafety detection products.

Using modular design, the original plant based on the new demand for more plants, it is possible to realize the connection between each plant; the new area can be both a clean room and a general functional area; therefore this design can be used in many fields.

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