Shanghai Etopia Building Technology Co., Ltd. takes the idea of Oriental Yijing to guide the urban iteration and architectural creation, and the basic concept of "urgent construction, fast construction, light construction and intelligent construction", relying on the strong interdisciplinary professional scientific research and development power of Tongji University, and grasps the pain points and constraints of the development of the construction industry chain in the industrial era, and the opportunities of the construction industry towards the era of intelligent life. We focus on the development and application of high value-added intelligent space products and intelligent construction technology with the basic means of intelligent technology innovation such as Internet of Things, big data, new materials and robotic arm, and precisely guide the implementation of products through planning and big data to promote the continuous evolution of global human living environment.

Smart Health Space · Integrated Innovative Products and Services Provider

Founder and Chairman, Shanghai Etopia Building Technology Co., Ltd.
Professor, School of Design and Creativity, Tongji University
Executive Vice President, Shanghai International Design Innovation Institute, Tongji University Doctor of Urban Planning, Tongji University, Certified Planner He specializes in interdisciplinary and cross-scale planning of artificially intelligent cities and the innovative design of intelligent space products and service systems within cities.

Team Introduction

The Etopia team has interdisciplinary and comprehensive capabilities and in-depth research in the construction field as its core competencies. The staff is composed of outstanding talents graduated from Tongji University and top colleges and universities at home and abroad, and is a team with dynamic and innovative ability. Etopia insists on design as its core value and is committed to creating smarter, more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing design products.

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